Quality Assurance

Since our founding, In-Phase Technologies has made a strong commitment to deliver only products of the highest quality and reliability to its customer base. The company has the management structure and associated quality system to assure consistency, reliability, and repeatability in our products.

The In-Phase Technologies quality system has control points at every interval of the product development and manufacturing cycle. It extends from purchasing to receiving, from design to production, and from final test to shipping. It includes all phases of configuration control, design standards, piece part reliability, manufacturing workmanship, and inspection.

Included within a hierarchical system of documentation (that defines and controls the entire process) is a Quality Plan, Product Assurance Manual, Product Assurance Instructions, and Workmanship Standards. Additionally, the system uses various MIL-standards, NASA documents, and customer-supplied specifications that support and supplement the existing internal system.

In-Phase Technologies’ heritage in the high reliability (high-rel) space sector includes involvement in programs emanating from companies including Space Systems Loral, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, L-3 Comm, and Honeywell. In-Phase Technologies has designed, manufactured, and delivered both qualified satellite test systems as well as flight hardware.